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As a Schleicher, I am a fifth generation German-Texan. My great-great-grandfather, Gustav Schleicher settled in Texas with a group settlers in 1847 and eventually settled in San Antonio. More on him in later posts. My step-brother Andrew Sorrell and his wife Roxanne (Reidel) also come from families with German heritage. Roxanne grew up in the German enclave of New Braunfels. Our whole family has a strong sense of pride for all things German and all things Texan and together we decided we wanted to share that admiration with others. 

Yes, we’re going to talk about Oktoberfest and beir, but we’re also going to share some of our favorite German themed day trips around the state, find the best schnitzel, German Sausage and pretzels in the state, let you know where to find good dirndl and lederhosen, and look at some of the history of German settlements throughout the state. Along with German things we also plan to cover anything originating from the German region of northern Europe, to include Czech, Austrian, French, Polish, Slav, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, etc.  That’s just a few of the subjects we plan to cover and we are open to your suggestions. 

Like a good German party we’re open to all kinds of kinds. So you don’t have to be German to be Germanesque. If you are interested in contributing or have a suggestion for something we should cover please feel contact us. You can contact us via the contact page, leaving a comment on the page, or by sending me an email to We look forward to hearing from you and building Germanesque’s wealth of knowledge together and the experience. 

We hope you will enjoy our content, let us know when you take part in Germanesque activities, and shop with our sponsors and affiliates. Please share the site with your friends and family. Like any good afternoon polka, sausage, beir drinking session, the more the merrier. 

-James Schleicher

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